Septic Tank


Available in 1200mm, 900mm- Residential building and 1800mm, 1500mm in Commercial areas.

Main Function

The main purpose or function of the septic tank is for handling household waste and has a capacity of between 1000 and 1500 gallons. The septic tank is connected to an inlet waste water pipe at one end and to a septic drain field at the other end.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Septic Tank

  • Long-term properties: Pre-cast concrete gradually strengthens over time as compare to other material used for septic tank.
  • Pre-cast concrete is flexible enough to withstand extreme loading conditions without the worry of catastrophic failure.
  • It is faster and easier to install as compared to the cast in-situ septic tank.
  • Because of its waterproof nature, it makes it very convenient for waterlogged areas.
  • It occupies a small portion of land.
  • Its cheaper in-terms of labour cost, maintenance and cost of the product as compared to the materials involved in the cast in-situ septic tank.
  • Environmentally friendly: Besides water, concrete is the most frequently used material on earth; it is non-toxic, environmentally safe and made from natural ingredients.

Uses of Precast Septic Tank

  • The main use is for storing foul waste for future dislodging.
  • For storing waste water where there is no access to public main drain and where strata of soil seem un-impervious.
  • It is also used for storing water (well) at where portable water is scarce.
African Concrete products limited has qualified and trained personnel who install septic tanks regardless of the site conditions.